Larry Parrish TTM Success

After a 17 day wait I got a success in from Larry Parrish. This is what I got.



  1. Carl D'Agostino

    Are you writing asking player for autographed card. Or do you send the card asking for autograph? Where to send ? Where to send inactive retired player ? Since now in Greensboro I did write to Panther’s mascot. We’ll see.

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    • TheBaseballGuru17

      Thank you for your question I really appreciate you visiting my site. These are very good questions and in response to your questions I do send my own card with a request for an autograph with a return envelope already stamped and addressed to me for them to send it back in. Also, I get the addresses at two sites and SCF through the mail manager and I go to the TTM forums. I am planning on doing a post on how to send a TTM where you are able to see exactly how it is done.

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  2. Carl D'Agostino

    I will try to get Arod and others. The address Yankees instructional league:

    Tampa Yankees Baseball
    1 Sreinbrenner Drive
    Tampa , Florida 33614


    Probably wise to put name of player top line of address


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